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Whats the Problem?

Well currently nothing, kinships are great, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to earn new ranks and achievements for your kinship? Wouldn’t it be nice to have kinship goals, stats, quests and rewards, bound to kinship only?

Obviously, we are both in two- The Khazad Guard, and Heroes of Eriador on Eldar, and what has struck us is that whilst being able to decorate our own kin house is cool, the kinship rank system is pretty weak and there are no real goals for kinships that differentiate them from one another.


I honestly don’t know, but here are a few things I have been musing. There could be a linear rank system similar to what is present, but more interestingly I think it would be cool to split it into seperate fields each with its own rank- Crafting, Exploration, Dungeon Completions, Slayer, or various other categories, these can be added to as the game progresses and as or seems fit. Probably 4-5 catergories are enough.

Perhaps these ranks have to be earned with group struggles relative to their field? So for example how about and option for certain repeatable quests/craft quests/skirmish barterables where you can collect scrolls or some such and turn them in for Kinship points or ranks.

Exploration quests could be bought from a vendor in the homestead and involve Exploring and finding various points within the landscape and or Dungeons to complete the quest (this can include exploring parts of some old and new dungeons such as the Rift, DN or BG as well as just difficult to find and out of the way bits of open landscape). These can also be drawn from a pool of 20 or so locations, where you have to find 6 randomly generated ones each time, so its always going to be a little different. These can earn the kinship ranks in the exploration field or kinship points.

Crafting Quests can involve collecting a quest to enter say- the Hall or crafting and collecting a crafting component which an SM Guild Kindred member could to craft a special barterable which can be traded for ranks in the crafting field or kinship points.

This idea could be extended to HM completion/Boss Kills/PvMP anything currently in game.


These ranks could then have real rewards in the housing area. So how about achieve rank 4 in the crafting field and you can then spend your next kinship points to buy a superior forge, or workbench for the kin house? Achieve Rank 4 in Exploration you can spend your next kinship points on a Port to Evendim, Earn Rank 6 you can buy a port to Angmar? The Slayer Deeds can always Earn you Special Titles to go over your Kinship house, or Special Housing items. I’m pretty sure the HM raid veterans and PvMPers can think of what they would like as rewards too, but the basic idea is to Allow kins to work together to earn real game benefits, which suit their kinships basis.

This I’m pretty sure won’t happen as it doesn’t look like Kins or Housing will get any attention soon, and this affects both those areas- shock horror! But hey, its my first day back at work after Baby Dwarfs arrival and I gotta kill time somehow right?




Welcome Thorvaldur

The Khazad Guard would like to welcome its newest member, a good friend of ours who we have known for a few years accepted an invitiation to join our little dwarf group. He may be bringing another dwarf in at some point in the future but for now the Guard has acquired another fine guardian- Welcome Thorvaldur, may your beard grow long and never wither!

50 Ding Ding

Ok so we aren’t the first guards members (3rd, 4th and 5th technically) to ding 50, but they are the main three, and we had an unexpected hours play this afternoon and finally levelled! We then rushed back to the kin house to stick on our new shinies.

I was very excited as my vitality went over 400, and all fully buffed with warriors hearth and the dwarf vitality bonus Izbaruks health now peaks at 6001, which is pretty cool! Anlafski is now stacking a buttload of extra might and agility and melee crit so his dps is fantastic and Hakis power is over 3k with, over 500 Will with his tale on! He tried out his new healing output on me with that much will and and due to his extra fate and tactical crit he critted a heal of 2600 which left Emma very pleased.

We are lookign forward to trying our new gear with the 6 man wight boss quest in Forochel as the final encounter before we decide where else to go!

Dwarfs will rise again!

On Thursday we finally got round to having another dwarf-athon, with all three of us doing some more levelling in Forochel around Suri-Kyla. With the baby dwarf being 2 weeks old we had no idea if we’d be on for 5 minuites or not so we just played it by ear, but as it went he slept right through and then some- we got lucky somewhere!

We managed to level 1/2 way through level 49, so one more outing of a few hours should see us ding 50! This will be a pretty major milestone for us as we all three of us have nice new shiny level 50 beryl shard guild armour, jewelry, weapons and the works to put on- we shall be tealz-tastic!!! I have been working for a month or so to gather enough shards, materials, and large guild crests on jeweler, tailor, metalsmith, weaponsmith and wood worker- 45 in total (I think!), and have spent the last couple of weeks making them (thats a lotta 6 day cool downs when you need 6 bracelets) So I’m pretty excited to get us levelled and geared up.

Currently we are hoping to finish the last few Forochel quests and ding this next week at some point as we’ll be busy this weekend as we are off to the zoo for my birthday, but we’ll see how it goes. After that we are not sure what to do next, We’d still like to do Goblin Town, and Some more Angmar, and of course Volume one, before we move onto Eregion. We have decided we are not in too big a rush to jump on the Legendary band wagon and will probably start Volume 2 and get our legendaries with Eregion, not before.

Baby Dwarf

Sorry to anyone who has been having a look here to find nothing new in the last week or so. We have a new addition to the family- lil baby dwarf (as Goldenstar christened him) Emma is home from hospital and we are just adjusting to things, so we’ll probably be a little quiet for some time!

Have fun gaming for us out there!