Beana sneaking around Michael Delving

Hobbit Burglar

Currently Level 17


This is one of my newer creations, a Hobbit Burglar. I realised that despite my many alts I had two of some classes but no burglar, so I needed to remedy this situation (or at least thats what I tell myself). I made Beana a few weeks before Baby Dwarf was born, I was off work and had plenty of time on my hands. Granted I should have levelled up one of my existing alts with all that free time, but I was easily distracted and uncomfortable and fancied tootling on in the Shire. I named her Beana, because since the first baby scan at about 12 weeks pregnant, the baby looked alot like a bean, and it subsequently became Baby Dwarf’s nickname.

The Burglar class never really appealed to me before, although the benefits of being in a fellowship with one are huge. I have watched Adam play his burglar Chumbo often with envy- especially seeing how much a single burglar can achieve solo which some of the other classes couldn’t. I am thinking particularly of the fellowship quest for the epic book given by Glorfindel to search the three different caves full of trolls. Of course now it has been changed to solo in the recent updates, but back when Chumbers did it, it was a six man. I was impressed by the capabilities of the class but was a bit put off because it looked complicated to play. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be up to the task in a fellowship situation; I rather like the straight forward job of being a tank. That being said, I am enjoying playing Burglar though I am still a very low level ( still questing in the Shire) and am quite looking forward to levelling Beana up to see just what she can do. Unfortunately for her she seems to have become a bit of a holding character, and realistically it could be quite some time before she gets some quality play time.


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