Dwarf Rune-Keeper

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Explorer, Kindred with the Tailors Guild

Azaghar is never to be seen with out his best friend and cousin Ganin. Azaghar is the son of Azbarak, and thus the eldest male heir of Izbaruk. However, Ganin and Azaghar are two of the younger and reckless members of the Khazad Guard, and as such the second in command of the Khazad Guard rests with Haki, Azaghars uncle. Azaghar and Ganin are also members of the Ale Association, of which Izbaruk highly dissaproves. They occasionally indulge in winding hobbits and other dwarves up, but view this as a priveledge of protecting them from the evils of Eriador, and never take it too far. The main benefit they see is beer from the Ale hall.

As a counter to this disobedient and mischievous side, Azaghar (and of course Ganin) are two of the most forefront members of the Khazad Guard in their continous struggle against the enemy. They are always to be found at the heart of valiant deeds, seeking to thwart the enemy at every opportunity. This is where the true character of Azaghar and Ganin is revealed, for they will always place themselves in harms way, between the innocent and the forces of the enemy.

Azaghar is a master of words, and uses his skill in battle to rouse his allies on to greater feats. Though he is equally capable of demoralising the enemy with his talents, it is in bolstering his friends he finds his greatest strength. He and Ganin of fight as a pair against large numbers of the enemy, and often adventure into stronghold and dungeons of the enemy that would make half a dozen strong warriors baulk.


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