Hello and welcome to our blog! Myself and my wife Emma have been playing Turbines MMO Lord of the Rings Online for over three years on the European Eldar server. Having been avid fans of Merric and Goldenstars excellent Blog and Podcast: A Casual Stroll to Mordor for a while we decided to take the plunge and create ourselves a blog.

It is now into its second year, and a lot of fun. We have had a great response from people, and hopefully over the coming weeks/months/years we’ll be able to continue to share some of the fun stuff we have done in the game, tips, and useful sites, and of course the all important screen shots!

Thanks for Reading

Adam and Emma (and Baby Dwarf)

  1. I heard you talk about Champion class on CSTM’s Champion Roundtable. I play on the States server, Landroval with the Lonely Mountain Band kinship. I wanted to thank you for some of your insights in the podcast. I traited my Champion a lot like how you described your Champ. I’m still having a horrid time keeping my Fervour up, allowing me to use more of my skills. It is better than it was when I traited mostly for Berserker (I’m almost entirely Deadly Storm now) but still a stuggle.
    I’m glad I found your site. Hopefully your Champion blogs will help me muddle though.

    • Thanks for your kind words, we have a couple of characters on Landroval too, but we haven’t been on them in ages, though I do intend to level one up one of these days!

      I have been experimenting with Fraps, and hopefully I’ll get my act together and add some burglar, champ and RK videos at some point in the future… so many ideas and so little time!

  2. Hi guys, wow this looks awesome, love bios of your classes 🙂


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