Elf Loremaster

Currently Level 41

Master Historian, Supreme Master Farmer

Fearien is my third attempt at a Lore Master, and I’m glad I stuck it out this time as I really enjoy the class, although it’s as far away from Tanking that you’re likely to get. Fearien plays solely with Adams LM Feaglin, and a duo of Lore Masters can really do some damage, something I had not appreciated until recently. Fearien is very much a DPS/Healing Loremaster, as I need to work on remembering to keep debuffs up, and stun/CC more, which you could see if you looked at both mine and Adams deed log and the contrast between our advancing deeds on the same class!

Fearien is a very old Elf from Lindon, and like Feaglin, had been battling the enemy for thousands of years, although much of her character is as yet still hidden. She loves her pets, and has a full collection of ravens, bears and lynx, as well as a small turtle, a gift from the Mathom Society in Michael Delving following her valiant deeds around Oatbarton. Her pets are very much working animals and not to be cosseted, and are trained to attack any enemy she chooses. Currently she is favouring her Tundra Lynx, Hithfaer, and together with Feaglin and his pet are gaining a fearsome reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas in Evendim.


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