Class Quest Items

As well as being an Altoholic, I’m also a hoarder- I keep anything which might be useful for any of my legion of alts. One of the things which I always keep are the level 45 class quest items. I like having all the stuff there so that once I’m at level 45 I can do the first part, where you have to manually collect items yourself, then when thats done I have everything else I need there ready to complete the next two phases, and get the Legendary trait, with very little effort. So heres a quick reference to what is needed, laid t by class. It has the items you will need to comlplete and how many, where you can obtain these, a quick guide, and what you get for all your hard work, to assist all you other hoarders out there to know what you can keep and what to post on the AH!

Firstly for all of the below, visit your class trainer at level 45 to pick up two quests to start the ball rolling. They will not inform you that you get a legendary trait for completing both, indeed prior to the skirmish barter system many players are often unable to complete them and canceled them, not realising they missed out on a legendary trait, often th best one for some classes.

Please note – the First quest in the chain is a collecting quest which must be done by the character. The following two quests are also to collect items but they are not bind on aquire items and so can be collected before hand on an alt, bought on the Auction Hall or you can even trade in Skirmish marks for them (my advice is don’t do this – there’s much better things to spend them on)



















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