Hobbit Male Names

Fallohide Hobbits tend to have aristocratic names influenced bt old Frankish, Gothic and Burgundian names. Harfoots tend to have more simple names, commonly ending in”-o”. Stoors seem to have either aristocratic or more common simple names. Of course there are always exceptions, there are many examples which commonly end in “-wise” or “-fast”, such as Samwise and Hamfast, but its a fairly simple excercise to come up with these names.

Frankish Names

These are all taken from historical records. Drogo, Lotho, Odo and Pippin are all Frankish names.

Adalbert Ansovald Baudry Carloman
Charibert Clodio Clovis Corbus
Dagobert Eracle Euric Floribert
Godomar Guntram Hartgard Ingelram
Malaric Notger Odilon Rathar
Ricbodo Sigibert Sunno Tassilo
Thudebald Unroch Waltgaud Wazo
Willichar Wolboldo Zwentibold Lambert

Gothic and Burgundian Names

These are all taken from historical records.

Alaric Athanaric Godgisel
Gundicar Gundobad Hagan
Hermangild Leuvigild Odoacer
Theoderic Thorismund Vulfoliac

Hobbit “-o” Names

These names are all Frankish or from English census and tax documents and rolls from around 1300-1500, perfect for all those Stoors!

Ivo Boydo Guido Alano
Hammo Eudo Joceo Petro
Fulco Jacobo Hugo Odo
Thomo Waldo Clemo Joko
Jano Symo Wido Bruno
Pico Serlo Azo Bayo
Cundo Brito Haco Rogo

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