Dwarf Champion

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Metalsmith, Kindred with the Metalsmiths Guild

Ganin is my Dwarf Champion, who I play with Adam when he plays his Rune Keeper Azaghar. We duoed as much of the content as was possible, which seemed to work either surprisingly well or we had lots of wipes (like the first time we attempted a duo skirmish) but this tends to depend on how long its been since we have played these two, since neither were our mains, but more recently, they have become the characters which we have explored the most of Middle Earth on. Champions seem to need lots of heals( I’m not dropping out of Fervour or Controlled Burn at least until the new Champ Revamp) and Rune Keepers have to race to get their healing output up, so the first 30 seconds of a fight is never dull with these two. Ganin to me is a fairly young Dwarf (mohawk hairstyle and short beard) who thinks of himself as a bit of a hard case, though at the same time has a very mischevious sense of humour. Ganin and Azaghar seem to be the no-nonsense Dwarfs Dwarfs of the Guard, much like Fili and Kili in The Hobbit, though we did seem to catch them holding hands in this picture.

Originally I made Ganin as a hunter, but our friend in the Guard made a hunter too and seemed to level it quickly, so Ganin retrained to supply the Guards melee DPS, and indulge in the general awesome-ness of champs!

Ganin and Az fighting Gwathnor

In the Guard family tree. Ganin is the Son of Azbarak, and Gandson of Izbaruk, the nephew of Tyri, Fluzi, and Haki, and cousin to Azaghar. As Patriotic Dwarfs, Ganin joined up with Azaghar to the Ale Association, and became Kindred, much to Izbaruks disappointment.

Ganin on his Ale Association Goat


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