Part 3: Level 38-40: Epic Book 4, Trollshaws, and The Tomb of Elendil

So here is part three of the Khazad Guard offensive! This time we are going to try and do all of Epic book 4, the Thorenhad spider Fellowship quests in the Trollshaws, and depending on time/level perhaps the Tomb of Elendil Instance. I also think we need to be level 37-8 going into this event, to stand half a chance of being 40 or there abouts for the Tomb of Elendil, if we are a bit short we can give it a try, and if its too hard we can start on it next time when we have put a level or two on and geared up a bit more.

Fellowship Quests to Complete Together:

  • Vol. I, Book 4, All Chapters (37-41)
  • Fighting the Brood Quest Chain in North Trollshaws (40-42)
  • The Tomb of Elendil (40)

Quest Notes and chains to complete:

For the Epic book I think we’ll just do the whole thing together because there is a load of travelling and talking, then a group instance, then a load of travelling and talking and a group instance, then…. a load of travelling and talking and a group instance, so we may as well do it together.

The Thorenhad spiders can be  picked up and done together (we need the ‘scout in the north trollshaws’ quests to unlock them, when we go to the troll cave in that area for the Epic book.

Finally the Tomb of Elendil. Its a good job, that there is no homework for the Epic and Thorenhad spiders, as there is loads for this, its starts at Aragorn for level 32, and consists of the the following:

So we need to do all the run up quests, ready for the instance at the end. It is pretty tough so we need half decent gear, and will need two tanks really.


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