The Uniform

The Origins of the Uniform

The Uniform came into effect about three years ago, before the wardrobe, before cross class bartering, and before cross class cosmetics. Back then, the Khazad Guard were made up of Izbaruk and Anlafski, the Guardians, and Haki, the Minstrel. It soon became apparent that Haki at least needed a cosmetic outfit equipped, because low-level light armour is, to be frank, hideous. The few dye colour available back then did nothing to dispel this, and so Haki stumbled upon the hauberk that has become the foundation of the Guard uniform, in his personal quest not to look stupid.

Now, over three years later,  members of the Khazad Guard are expected to have the uniform slotted in a cosmetic slot, and have it equipped when on any Khazad Guard business. We do get a lot of positive feedback when a group of us go past in the uniform, and a lot of staring!

The core of the uniform consists of:

Chest: Dwarf Make Hauberk, dyed red, obtained from the outfitter in Thorins Hall

Shoulders: Dwarf Make Shoulder Guards, dyed red, obtained from the Light Armourer in Ost Guruth

Gloves and Shoes : These are largely left to the discretion of the player, the default being dwarf medium armour gloves and boots from the vendor in Ost Guruth, though there are several world drops with similar appearances. The only condiditon is they must not look out-of-place, and preferably be dyed red. Many of the low-level world drops and vendors have suitable examples. This was implemented before the advent of the Wardrobe, and being able to cosmetically equip non compatible armour as an outfit. As such, the Uniform had to be Light Armour class friendly.

Regiments of the Khazad Guard

The Regiments are based on where various members of the Khazad Guard are currently questing (or “stationed”), or in rare cases show something of a characters back history. The Regiment a member of the Khazad Guard is in is denoted by the Cloak that they have equipped. While hooded cloaks are probably more lore appropriate, we prefer to use hoodless cloaks in our uniform. We like being able to see who our characters are, and some hooded cloaks and headgear can play havoc with our beards, which we certainly want to avoid!

The Eriador Regiment

As the title suggests, this is for members of the Guard who are currently questing in Eriador, usually in levels 1-50. It is the Journeyman crafted level 16 Linen cloak, dyed red. Although it looks simple it is, in fact, a quite intricately decorated cloak, and very suitable for an elite unit. Both the plain and critted cloak can be used, but the single use recipe of the same name is a hooded version.

The Moria Regiment

The name of this cloak speaks for itself . It is for those of the Guard currently questing in Moria, although we also wore it through Lorien and Mirkwood, as it is basically a Misty Mountains Regiment cloak, and expeditions sent out from there to Mirkwood and such. As soon as we saw this, we just had to incorporate it into the uniform, it is just too spectacular and Dwarfy for us to ignore! It can be obtained in the Epic Book in Moria, and after then through the reflecting pool. It is also available as a store cosmetic. The Moria Regiment have it dyed red.

White Mountains Regiment

This cloak is a Tier 7 crafted cloak called “Cloak of the Wizard”, this time dyed crimson. It has to be the uncritted version as when critted it has a hood. It is a single use recipe, so we made the one and passed it round. Thankfully an item doesn’t have to be equipped and bound to be slotted in the wardrobe, so not not too many sigils need to be wasted! It is a much more flamboyant cloak than the others, with a lot of gold on it, and represents the main Khazad Guard offensive in the South from the White Mountains, in Dunland, Rohan and Beyond.

Veteran of the Battle of Azanulbizar

We couldn’t ignore this cloak, The Cloak of Shadow and Flame, obtained as a rare drop from the same Epic Book quest as the Singed Cloak. As a rare drop, or available in the store, we thought it unfair to have it as an official part of the uniform. So, it has become a symbol of being a veteran of the Battle of Azanulbizar, known also as the Battle of Nanduhirion, where the Dwarf forces finally fought the Orcs of Moria. This battle was a culmination of nine years of fighting between Orcs and Dwarfs in Moria, after King Thror, grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield, was brutally murdered and mutilated by the Orc leader Azog. Only Izbaruk and his older brother Azagan are actually old enough to have fought there, which is why Azagan wears this cloak. We have not excluded anyone from wearing this, but it must be written into their story that they are descendants of those Dwarfs who fought there, if not old enough to have been there themselves, it is burnt dwarf heirloom.

  1. ./salute 🙂

    Wish there were more writings about the 9 year war, I am guessing I will need to seek resolution with the Hobbit film, Pt 2 in December 2013

  2. Are you guys still active?

    • Absolutely, occasionally it will be a month or two between our posts on the blog as its just a little sideline hobby, and we tend to let the blogging slip rather than the gaming! We can still be found on Eldar regularly, on our dwarves and other characters.

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