Dwarves – Naming Conventions

Dwarfs tend to have simple Norse-influenced names, such as Flosi, Gormur, Kili and Thorin. They tend to start with consonants or paired consonants such as D,Dw, T, K, F, H, Gl and Thr. Common suffixes are -oin, -ili, -imli, -in.

One example of Viking Runic Text

When naming my Dwarf characters I tend to use a mixture of Norse influence and lean towards letters which appear in the runic alphabet – that is letters made up predominantly of straight lines which would be easier to carve in stone, wood, or bone. I also have a little fun with these and use some dialect words from my native North-East of England. Hence my Dwarves have names such as Ganin (we would say ‘Ganin oot’ as in “going out”) Guzundr (a name for a chamber pot, because it ‘goes under’ the bed) Azagan (‘has a go’) and Ganzi (a jumper or sweater, as it ‘gans ower your heed’). They are a bit of fun, but still conform to these conventions.


  • Snorri
  • Khazakal
  • Trali
  • Izagar
  • Rorin
  • Thrili
  • Bimbli
  • Sombur
  • Gili
  • Snorin

Random Name Generator Suggestions

  • Lorund
  • Norlyg
  • Snorkuld
  • Hunun
  • Kvelki

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