Time to turn my thoughts to my captain, and what I look for on legendary items. This is going to vary quite a lot depending on what kind of captain you like to play, I’ll state right now, I go all out healing hands at the moment (as do many many of the captains I know) as it seems the only true choice for grouping. That said I tend to steer towards improving my own DPS with my weapons, and havent worried too much about the group help legacies, and I also have a separate buffing weapon.

This is written from a level cap point of view for PvE and, as with my other posts, is based on my playstyle, within my kinship and/or group of friends and our tactics, so bear this in mind. There are plenty of ways to make this work differently, but hopefully it’ll be a decent starter guide, or at least a basis to come up with your own build! I have looked through this post post ROI, and generally there are no real changes I plan to make, with exception that the IDOME legacy is gone as it is now a toggle skill, which is great. I haven’t looked over in any great detail any new legacies, but haven’t come across anything that has made me want to change my set up, but my focus is healing and buffing, not tank or dps, so that may be why. I’ll continue to update and add things as and when I find them.

I’ll rate the legacies from *** down to * for each weapon/rune, so you can look and decide what for your selves how you rate something and make any modification you might want to make easier.

Ideal Weapon

  • Kick Cooldown **
  • Telling Mark Damage ***
  • Devastating Blow Critical *
  • Cry Power Cost: **
  • Blade of Elendil Damage**
  • To Arms Duration ***

I can’t rate telling mark highly enough, it is great enough solo, but as soon as the group starts wailing at a target with it on, you will really feel it. My next ranked three are Kick Cool down, to arms, cry power cost, and Blade of Elendil damage. As I like to increase my Shield brothers DPS, which kicks even more ass when Leader of Men traited and effecting the whole group to a lesser extent for 30 seconds of every minuite! Blade of Elendil is certain high DPS on the end of our large DPS chain, and kick for those more frequent interrupts, honestly I think its starting as a champ whose main job is interrupts but anything I can do to make every class I play better at interrupting I usually go for, so few players seem to bother and it makes things harder or take so much longer missing an interrupt that I like to do as much as I can. I also like Cry power cost, and basically I can burn through my power very quickly without this and other trait/legacies

Ideal Buff Weapon

  • Morale from Motivating Speech***
  • Tactics: On Guard Parry Rating Buff*
  • Tactics: Relentless Attack’ Critical Rating Buff**

That is it, I look for Morale from Motivating speech as a priority, and relentless as a secondary (A lot of the healers I run with prefer this to a power regen buff, and the regen buff even with a legacy is low and their build is normally great (esp RK) whereas relentless will affect both their heals, and attacks, so improve them all round. If I can get parry even better, I’ll just level these 3, max em out, buff the fellowship and then slot my main weapon and go for the run.

Ideal Emblem

  • Rallying Cry Cooldown***
  • Vocal Skills Healing***
  • Healing from Rallying Cry**
  • Words of Courage Power and Morale Cost*
  • Muster Courage Cooldown*
  • Healing from Strength of Will***
  • Melee Skills Healing*

This is definitely a hands of healing emblem as you may have noticed, indeed the emblems are kinda healing or neutral biased, so there isn’t a huge amount of choice. Running through them, the core two are rallying cry cooldown and vocal skills healing, and strngth of will. The latter really takin priority with a LOM build. Rallying cry and words of courage are my two main for healing so anything to increase their healing and frequency of use, and with that in mind Healing from rallying cry is in the next group for exactly that reason. As also is muster courage cooldown, which as I have often traited as a self heal, which with the 20 second cooldown amounts to between 1500 to 1800 a minute heal, which means we can not worry too much about spamming that words of courage on the tank! With that in mind the final set includes; words of courage power and morale cost,  and melee skills healing. (I know with 7 legacies up there this is not possible anymore, so you’ll have to pick from the * ones, or something else you personally don’t need to loose) Words of courage is nice, whilst it doesn’t help a great deal its gonna help keep you topped up. Melee skills healing- works on inspire (your shield brother short HOT) and valiant strike- group heal and HOT traited, so pretty nice to have.

Buffing Emblem?

Some people carry one, so I ‘ll briefly mention those legacies in this little section

  • Tactics: Focus in-Combat Power Regen Buff

To be honest the Power regen one is a nice addition if its a long, or power intensive fight, thought if power is a serious issue then a banner of victory is probably a better idea, or even better let us have a legacy for morale and power return from revealing mark!

So here what I left out, and a few thoughts

Main Hand Pool A

Defensive Strike Armour Buff: Its nice, but there are other better ones out there

Pressing attack critical: this i a great skill, but i am not to wedded to the idea of relying on crits for defeat skills. If I am in a group, and there are enough adds to make 2-4 swings count, then the dps will be better served by me using telling mark and to arms, and helping DPS to kill one and get a genuine defeat response, than stackign stats I have less use for, and hoping for a crit.

Melee Skill Power Cost: OK, makes my attacks cheaper, but I mostly use the majority in soloing which are short fights, so its no big deal. In groups, I’ll be a little more conservative and heal a bit more, allow the healers to build ballads and heal more effectively.

Maximum Targets for Pressing Attack: Another one we’ll probably try on Emmas DPS captain, its gonna really increase her crit chance to be hitting lots of targets, and her dps/aggro ability, but generally is not my playstyle.

Main Hand Pool B

Routing Cry Damage: Another for Emmas DPS Captain her I think, she has this traited as an aoe stun too which is AWESOME, I love it, it just goes – boom and knocks them flat! (a routing cry targets would be a nice DPS line trait or legacy)

Cutting Attack Bleed Damage: another for Emmas DPS cappy I think, increase that DPS as much as possible

Increased Duration of Make Haste: I imagine in the Moors this is an excellent legendary, but like champs sprint in PvE I don’t see any use for it really.

Captain’s Emblem Pool A

Valiant Strike Morale Return: I like the idea of this, but it doesn’t return much before or after this legacy, its on a 2 minute cooldown, and I just wouldn’t prioritize it over any of the others I put above. That said, I have it on my first age emblem, so I personally am stuck with it for now!

Captain’s Emblem Pool B

Time of Need Cooldown: Could, I suppose, be nice, but the morale cost is a bit high to use, and I usually find mobs go down pretty fast to bring up the defeat response any way, and if not its usually a long fight and loosing 1.4K of my health for a group heal usually is a bit of a last ditch effort.

Time of Need Morale Cost: I actually forgot this was in here! I’ve never had it so far on the bijjillions of weapons I have had and trashed, so I’ll have to delve, but again, I’m pretty happy with all my heal legacies above, and I’t have to be a pretty heavy reduction to make me look again.

Captain’s Escape from Darkness Cooldown: its O.K I guess, but Id rather heal more and hope to not have to res so often?

Grave Wound Cooldown: We’ll probably again add this to Emmas DPS cappy list.

Shield of Dúnedain Cooldown: Now we are going to try one of us using shield of the dunedain with our duo as there is no point having two lots of IDOME as it doesn’t stack, and I know a few cappys slot this anyway. It is pretty nice as it is, 75% Incoming Melee Damage, -75% Incoming Ranged Damage, -75% Incoming Tactical Damage, for 15 seconds, with a 10 minute CD, so pretty nice as it is, and potentially very very nice with a legacy

Shadow’s Lament Cooldown: again Emma my try this on her DPS cappy for extra dps and aggro, but for me as a healer not a top priority.

  1. I like maximum targets for pressing on my healing captain, since it gives more chances to crit, thus more rallying cries, assuming you’re traited for defeat-events on crits with PA and DB. I only take it to level 2 though, since it costs so many points.

    • Yeah I might need to revisit all my legacy posts, some just to add, and some from switching around.

      I do also like targets for pressing attack in some situations; but I find in trash you get more defeats than you can handle usually anway, even with reduced CD etd, and on most boss fights I usually find I only have one target, so extras targets aren’t always that usefull when you really want those extra crys because you are shorter on defeat events. But you are right, I think it deserves more of a mention, especially as I talk about it beign more heal based, which if this is the case PA targets probably > defensive strike armour buff

      In addition on the emblem; healing from strength of will is rated too low now I think, this is pretty awesome.

  2. Great guides here, keep it up!

    One thing worth pointing out is that you can actually put ‘To Arms’ and ‘Strength of Will’ on buffing items instead.
    You have to wait for the animation to complete when casting but then you are free to swap back to your main ones.
    It is of course more work though but nice for people who could use those points in other places on their main items.

    • Yeah thats absolutely worth noting, I know some people who do this. The same also applies for Time of need cooldown, and morale cost, escape from the Darkness cool down, and shield of the dunedain cooldown, on the buffing emblems too.

      I for one have found myself 1 minuite into a fight and gone… hang on why am I using a sword when my main weapon is a halberd. Basically because I have forgotted to switch weapons after buffing, and that is only a switch before a fight for buffing, so for me personally having multiple switches during fights would probably go pear shaped pretty quick!

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